Evony Generals List: Best Generals & Combinations for 2023

Curious about how the Evony Generals List can level up your gameplay in PvP? Check out our guide for great tips and answers to your questions. Generals play a great and pivotal role in Evony, significantly influencing your strategies and overall game experience, especially in pvp and siege battles. Check out the details! This article delves into the great significance of generals in Evony‘s pvp battles, offering a detailed comparison of different types and their impact on the game’s dynamics. Ranged generals are particularly important in these battles.

Evony Generals List: Best Generals & Combinations for 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the ground, this detailed guide will equip you with essential information about generals in Evony. It includes a comprehensive evony tier list, as well as a detailed comparison of different types, such as ranged and mounted.

So whether you’re looking for details on Edward or other generals, this guide has got you covered. Get ready to elevate your gaming prowess with the help of these gold historic generals. Explore the great potential that lies within these commanding figures in the Evony tier list. Find all the details you need about these assistant generals.

Evony Generals Overview


Generals in Evony are categorized based on their rarity, providing players with a full list of available options for pvp battles. This detailed comparison allows players to evaluate the unique attributes of each general. The full list of rarity categories includes common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and historic generals for a detailed comparison in PVP. Each category signifies the uniqueness of the general and their potential impact on your gameplay, especially in pvp. You can also find a detailed comparison of the gold historic generals, including their specific details.

These different rarities offer a detailed comparison of abilities and strengths, providing details that can significantly influence your strategies. From gold historic generals to assistant generals, the diverse range of options ensures a wide variety of choices. For instance, a legendary general might possess powerful combat skills or leadership abilities compared to a common or uncommon assistant general. The detailed comparison highlights the superior qualities and capabilities of the legendary general over the others.

Evony Generals Overview

As you progress through the game, it’s important to have a detailed comparison of these distinctions to effectively utilize generals for combat, resource gathering, or defense.

Acquiring generals from higher rarity categories often requires specific conditions or resources. For example, recruiting assistant generals, such as a historic general, may necessitate having a high-level tavern. By comprehending the significance of each rarity category and its associated requirements for acquisition, players can strategically plan their progression in Evony. This strategic planning is crucial for players to effectively utilize their assistant generals and maximize their chances of success in the game.


The addition of new generals like John Hunyadi and Clovis I has further enriched the diversity within Evony’s roster. These updates have expanded the pool of available generals across different rarity categories since they bring unique attributes and capabilities to enhance players’ experiences.

Furthermore, changes such as adding assistant generals to the resource gathering section demonstrate how Evony continually evolves its system to provide an engaging gaming environment for its community. This evolution ensures that players have access to an ever-expanding array of assistant generals options.

In essence, understanding rarity categories not only broadens your knowledge about available options but also empowers you with insights into how these generals can shape your overall gameplay experience in Evony.

Comprehensive Overview

Attributes are fundamental components that define the capabilities of assistant generals in Evony. These factors, such as leadership skill level, political ability score, intelligence points, combat strength, and charisma rating, are crucial for assistant generals. Each attribute, including assistant generals, plays a vital role in determining how effective a general is in various aspects of the game.

Understanding these attributes enables players to optimize their allocation based on specific goals—whether it involves excelling in battles or efficiently managing resources within their territories.

Complete Generals List

Understanding the rarity breakdown is crucial for maximizing your gameplay. Each rarity category, including common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary, possesses unique characteristics that impact their strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield.

Common generals are easily accessible and suitable for basic combat scenarios. They offer a balanced set of attributes but lack the exceptional abilities found in higher rarities. Uncommon generals provide slightly enhanced stats compared to common ones but still fall short in terms of specialized skills.

Rare generals introduce more diverse abilities and improved base stats, making them valuable assets in various strategic situations. Their increased effectiveness can significantly influence battle outcomes. Epic generals bring forth even greater power with advanced skills and formidable attributes that can turn the tide of challenging encounters.

Legendary generals stand at the pinnacle of rarity, boasting unparalleled strength and exclusive capabilities that can tip the scales in your favor during intense conflicts. Their presence alone commands respect on the battlefield due to their extraordinary prowess.

Region Specific

Exploring region-specific generals list uncovers an array of unique abilities tailored to specific geographic areas within Evony. These specialized commanders possess skills honed for particular regions, allowing players to leverage strategic advantages based on their objectives.

For instance:

  • European Generals: Excel in siege warfare tactics

  • Asian Generals: Proficient in rapid troop movement

  • Middle Eastern Generals: Masterful at resource management

  • American Generals: Specialized in defensive strategies

Understanding these regional distinctions empowers players to strategically deploy region-specific generals according to their goals within different parts of the game world.

Unlocking The Full Potential

To unlock the full potential of region-specific generals, effective utilization is essential. Players must align each general’s unique abilities with specific tasks or challenges they face throughout their gameplay journey.

For example:

  • Deploying European Generals when launching sieges against enemy fortifications.

  • Leveraging Asian Generals’ swift troop movement for surprise attacks or quick reinforcement maneuvers.

  • Utilizing Middle Eastern Generals’ resource management expertise during times of scarcity or abundance.

  • Calling upon American Generals’ defensive prowess when fortifying key positions against hostile incursions.

Top Generals Tier List

S-Tier Generals

In the Evony generals list, the S-tier generals are the top-tier, offering exceptional capabilities that make them highly sought after by players. These generals possess superior combat skills, leadership qualities, and strategic prowess. For example, a renowned S-tier general may have high attack and defense stats along with unique abilities that turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Strategizing around S-tier generals is crucial for dominating battles and conquering territories. Players often build their entire army composition around these elite leaders to maximize their effectiveness on the battlefield. Incorporating an S-tier general into your gameplay can significantly elevate your military strength and give you a competitive edge over opponents.

A-Tier Generals

The A-rank generals in the Evony general’s list are formidable assets with valuable contributions to any army. These commanders bring specific strengths and tactical advantages to the table, enhancing overall battle performance. For instance, an A-tier general might excel in defensive strategies or provide support buffs to allied troops during combat.

Incorporating A-tier generals into your gameplay is essential for strengthening your forces and diversifying your tactical options. By leveraging their unique abilities effectively, you can create synergistic combinations within your army composition, making it more versatile and adaptable to various battlefield scenarios.

B-Tier Generals

The reliable B-rank generals play a crucial role in optimizing overall military strength within Evony’s tier list of commanders. While they may not match the sheer power of higher-ranked generals, B-tier commanders complement them effectively by filling specific roles or providing additional support on the battlefield. They contribute stability and reliability to any army formation.

Strategically utilizing B-tier generals involves understanding their strengths and pairing them with suitable higher-ranked counterparts for maximum synergy on the battlefield. Although they may not stand out individually like S or A-rank leaders, B-rank commanders significantly contribute to maintaining a balanced and well-rounded army composition.

Best Generals Combinations

PvP and Production

Generals play a pivotal role in both player versus player-( (PvP) battles and resource production efficiency. Having the right generals can make or break your success in combat. For instance, a general with high attack stats might be more suitable for PvP encounters, while another with defensive skills could help protect your troops effectively.

On the other hand, when focusing on production, certain generals may possess attributes or skills that boost resource-gathering speed or reduce consumption rates. For example, a general with increased marching speed or decreased resource cost could significantly enhance your production capabilities. Therefore, optimizing your generals’ roles is essential for excelling in both PvP combat and resource production.

Acquiring and Enhancing Generals

Recruitment Methods

Recruiting new generals in Evony can be accomplished through various methods. Players can obtain generals by completing specific in-game tasks, purchasing them from the in-game store, or acquiring them as rewards for achieving certain milestones. Each recruitment method has its benefits and drawbacks.

For instance, completing in-game tasks to recruit generals may require time and effort but could be more cost-effective than purchasing them directly. On the other hand, buying generals from the in-game store provides a quick way to expand your roster but might involve spending real money.

Choosing the most suitable recruitment method depends on individual gameplay preferences. Some players may prioritize efficiency and opt to purchase generals for immediate deployment, while others may enjoy the challenge of earning them through gameplay achievements. Understanding these different approaches allows players to tailor their recruitment strategy according to their preferred style of play.

  • Benefits of Different Recruitment Approaches:

  • Completing in-game tasks: Cost-effective

  • Purchasing from the store: Immediate access

  • Drawbacks of Different Recruitment Approaches:

  • Completing in-game tasks: Time-consuming

  • Purchasing from the store: Potential real-money investment

Awakening Process

Understanding the awakening process is crucial for unlocking a general’s full potential in Evony. By comprehending this mechanism, players can strategize their efforts effectively and enhance their overall military strength. The awakening process involves meeting specific requirements such as collecting rare items or reaching particular game milestones.

Upon successful awakening, generals gain significant boosts to their abilities and attributes, making them formidable assets on the battlefield. These enhancements contribute significantly to a player’s military prowess and strategic advantage during combat scenarios.

Strategizing awakening efforts involves planning resource allocation wisely to meet all requirements efficiently while maximizing benefits gained from each awakened general’s enhanced capabilities.

  • Requirements for Awakening:

  • Collecting rare items

  • Reaching specific game milestones

  • Benefits of Awakening Generals:

  • Significant boosts to abilities

  • Enhanced strategic advantage

Cultivation Strategies

Effective cultivation strategies are essential for leveling up generals efficiently within Evony. Allocating resources optimally is key when cultivating generals; this ensures that each resource contributes meaningfully towards leveling up these vital assets within one’s army.

General Attributes and Equipment

Leadership and Politics

In Evony, leadership plays a crucial role in managing your generals effectively. A high leadership attribute not only enhances the performance of your generals but also increases their loyalty to you. By investing in leadership skills, you can ensure that your generals remain devoted to your cause, leading them to perform better in battles and other tasks.

Understanding the intricate world of politics within Evony is essential for successful general management. Diplomatic skills are valuable assets when dealing with other players and alliances. Navigating political dynamics allows you to form strategic partnerships, negotiate beneficial treaties, or even avoid unnecessary conflicts that could jeopardize the loyalty and effectiveness of your generals.

Attack and Defense

Building a balanced army capable of both attacking and defending requires careful consideration of the roles played by different generals. Some may excel at leading offensive campaigns, while others might be more adept at fortifying defenses. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each general is vital for creating a formidable force that can adapt to various combat situations.

Generals play a pivotal role in both offensive and defensive strategies within Evony. When strategizing your general selection, it’s important to consider their unique attributes, such as attack power, defense capabilities, or special abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. An effective combination of offensive-minded and defensively-oriented generals ensures that you’re prepared for any scenario on the battlefield.

Skills Optimization

Optimizing your generals’ skills is key to maximizing their effectiveness in battles and various tasks throughout Evony. Different types of battles require specific skill sets from your generals; therefore, understanding which skills are essential for each type is crucial for achieving victory on multiple fronts.

Unlocking the true potential of your generals involves identifying their strengths and weaknesses and then tailoring their skill sets accordingly. Whether it’s enhancing their combat prowess or boosting resource production rates through specialized skills, optimizing these abilities allows you to create a well-rounded team capable of excelling across diverse challenges within Evony.

Historic Generals Significance

Golden Historic Figures

In Evony, the historic general’s list features a roster of legendary, golden figures. These iconic personalities hold immense historical significance within the game. Their exceptional abilities and strategic importance make them pivotal to success in battles and conquests. For example, figures like Sun Tzu and Joan of Arc are revered for their tactical prowess and leadership skills, making them sought-after assets for players aiming to dominate the game world.

Understanding the historical context and unique strengths of these golden historical figures is crucial for devising effective strategies in Evony. By delving into their historical significance, players can gain valuable insights into how to leverage their abilities to outmaneuver opponents and achieve victory on the battlefield.

Acquiring these legendary generals can provide a significant advantage in Evony, allowing players to bolster their forces with formidable leaders who possess unparalleled expertise in warfare. This strategic edge amplifies the gameplay experience, adding depth and complexity as players navigate through various challenges using the distinctive capabilities of these renowned figures.

Power and Legacy

The concept of power and legacy holds immense importance within Evony’s general system. Powerful generals wield influence that extends beyond individual battles; they leave a lasting impact on the game world as a whole. By harnessing this power effectively, players can carve out a legacy that resonates throughout Evony‘s expansive virtual realm.

Players aspire to build an enduring legacy by acquiring influential generals whose strategic acumen can shape the outcome of pivotal conflicts. The presence of such distinguished leaders not only elevates an army’s combat effectiveness but also contributes to shaping the overarching narrative of conquests within Evony.

Strategically incorporating powerful generals into one’s military campaigns is akin to etching one’s name into history—a testament to skillful maneuvering, foresight, and tactical brilliance that reverberates across generations within Evony. As such, cultivating a roster populated by impactful historic generals becomes integral not only for achieving short-term victories but also for leaving an indelible mark on Evony‘s ever-evolving tapestry of warfare.

Subordinate City Generals

Role Importance

Assigning assistant generals specific roles is crucial in Evony for optimizing gameplay. Different roles contribute to various aspects, such as defense, resource production, and combat effectiveness. For example, assigning a general with high defensive capabilities to guard your city can significantly improve its resilience against enemy attacks. On the other hand, appointing a general skilled in resource management to oversee production can boost your economy.

Efficiently managing your city generals’ roster ensures that each one fulfills their designated role effectively. By strategically organizing and training them based on their strengths and weaknesses, you can create a well-balanced team capable of handling diverse challenges. Streamlining the management process involves regularly assessing the performance of each general and making adjustments when necessary to maintain peak efficiency.

Effective Management

To effectively manage your generals’ roster in Evony, it’s essential to organize them according to their specialties. For instance, if you have an assistant general proficient in military tactics, deploying them alongside your main army during battles can greatly enhance its combat prowess. Conversely, utilizing a general with expertise in diplomacy for interactions with other players or alliances can yield diplomatic advantages.

Training plays a pivotal role in maximizing the potential of your city generals. Investing resources into honing their skills through training programs tailored to their respective roles is key to ensuring they perform optimally when called upon for duty.

Community and Best Practices

Engagement Strategies

Leveraging your generals’ strengths against opponents’ weaknesses is crucial. For example, if you have a general with high attack stats, consider deploying them against an opponent with low defense. This tactical approach can significantly increase your chances of victory.

Developing tactical approaches tailored to different scenarios is also essential for success in Evony’s conflicts. For instance, creating specialized teams of generals optimized for specific types of battles, such as sieges or open-field combat, can provide a strategic advantage. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each general allows you to form effective combinations that complement each other on the battlefield.

In addition to individual general strength assessments, understanding how different generals synergize with one another is vital. Some generals may have abilities that enhance the performance of others when deployed together. By strategically pairing compatible generals based on their skills and attributes, you can maximize their collective impact during battles.

  • Leverage general strengths against opponent weaknesses

  • Develop tactical approaches for different battle scenarios

  • Form specialized teams of generals optimized for specific types of battles

Optimization Toolkit

Exploring an optimization toolkit for Evony generals provides valuable insights into enhancing their performance on the battlefield. Utilizing tips and tricks from this toolkit enables players to stay ahead of competitors by maximizing their general potential.

One optimization technique involves equipping your generals with suitable gear that complements their strengths. For example, providing a defensive-oriented general with equipment that enhances defense capabilities can significantly improve their effectiveness in battle situations where resilience is key.

Understanding the intricacies of skill development and talent allocation further contributes to optimizing your generals’ performance. By strategically investing skill points based on a general’s role within your army composition, you can tailor their abilities to suit specific combat requirements more effectively.

Utilizing advanced strategies such as “baiting” enemy forces by intentionally exposing weaker units under the protection of stronger ones showcases how creative thinking combined with optimization techniques can influence battle outcomes positively.


You’ve now gained a comprehensive understanding of Evony generals, from their significance in battles to the best combinations and strategies for acquiring and enhancing them. By exploring the complete generals list and the top-tier rankings, you’re equipped with the knowledge to optimize your gameplay and lead your forces to victory. Remember to leverage historical generals’ attributes and equipment while considering the unique roles they can play in subordinate cities.

As you continue your Evony journey, share your insights with the community and learn from others’ best practices. Embrace the diversity of strategies and contribute to the collective knowledge base. Keep refining your approach, experimenting with different combinations, and honing your skills as a leader. Your dedication will not only enhance your own experience but also enrich the entire Evony community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I acquire new generals in Evony?

You can acquire new generals through various methods such as completing quests, participating in events, or purchasing them from the in-game store using game currency.

What are the best general combinations for battles?

The best general combinations for battles depend on your specific strategy and the types of opponents you are facing. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your playstyle.

How do I enhance my generals’ attributes and equipment?

You can enhance your generals’ attributes and equipment by using enhancement items obtained through gameplay. These items allow you to improve your generals’ stats and equip them with better gear for increased effectiveness in battle.

Can subordinate city generals be as great and effective as the main city king during a siege? This raises questions about their capabilities and the impact they can have on the outcome of the battle.

Subordinate city generals can be just as effective as main city generals if properly equipped and leveled up. They play a crucial role in defending subordinate cities and supporting overall strategic efforts.

What are some historical significance of certain Evony Generals?

Several Evony Generals are based on historical figures who played significant roles in various periods of history. Exploring their historical significance adds an extra layer of depth to the game experience.

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