Evony Guide for Beginners: Mastering The King’s Return

Embarking on your Evony journey? This beginner’s guide will provide helpful tips for players navigating the intricate world of Evony games. It will assist players in understanding how to interact with non-player characters (NPCs) and improve their gameplay experience. Starting as a beginner’s guide, you’ll create an account and familiarize yourself with the game interface through a comprehensive tutorial.

As a player, you’ll learn how to navigate and click within the games. Selecting a culture aligned with your playstyle in Evony is crucial, as each offers unique bonuses and benefits for scouts, NPCs, and alliances. Follow these Evony tips to make the most out of your gameplay experience.

Evony Guide for Beginners: Mastering The King's Return

Town development involves strategic upgrades to unlock new buildings on undeveloped land while balancing resource production, defensive structures, and equipment. This allows players to play strategically and defend against attacks. Army building requires training diverse troops, researching technologies, utilizing heroes, and sending scouts to land for attacks on NPCs. With this beginner’s guide in mind, conquer the realm of Evony effectively by leveling up heroes, strategically attacking NPCs, and building a powerful kingdom.

Understanding Game Basics

Gameplay Mechanics

In Evony: The King’s Return, mastering the gameplay mechanics of the kingdom is crucial for success. Heroes attack level, ballista, and NPCs all play a significant role in achieving victory. Understanding these aspects is vital when it comes to playing the game. From construction and research to training troops, this guide will help you navigate the valleys and earn medals. Efficient resource management ensures steady progression.

Events and daily rewards are valuable opportunities to accelerate growth and earn medals. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced one, participating in these events will help you level up faster and unlock new features.

Additionally, completing daily quests will not only reward you with valuable items but also provide you with NPC interactions that can guide you through the game. So make sure to take advantage of these opportunities to explore new valleys and progress in your journey. For example, participating in events can yield rare items, abundant resources, and medals. These events take place on NPC servers within the kingdom.

World Map Navigation

Navigating the world map opens up a realm of possibilities in the kingdom. With each step, players can encounter various NPCs and engage in exciting quests to earn medals. Additionally, they can strategically position ballistas to defend their territories and conquer new lands. By exploring the kingdom, players can discover resource nodes, NPC encounters, and other players’ cities.

These encounters may result in gaining medals for hero attacks. Using scouts to gather information about potential targets or allies is a strategic move in the game. Scouts can provide valuable intel on enemy attacks and help identify weak points in their defenses. Additionally, they can also uncover hidden ballista placements that can be used for offensive purposes.

Gathering information through scouts is crucial for successful NPC battles and earning medals. Planning movements carefully is crucial to minimize risks during exploration in the kingdom, ensuring safety while maximizing gains and acquiring medals.

Resource Production

Building farms, sawmills, quarries, mines, and attack levels allows players to generate many resources essential for their city’s development and earn medals. Upgrading these buildings increases production capacity significantly. Utilizing resource boost items and technologies provides additional gains, which is an advantageous strategy for efficient resource accumulation and leveling up. This strategy can help you earn more medals and defend against potential attacks.

Castle Management

Upgrading the castle unlocks new features and benefits that significantly enhance the gameplay experience in Evony: The King’s Return game. For example, after upgrading your Keep to level 16 first, you can use Generals to strengthen your attack and earn more medals. Managing population limit and defending against enemy attacks through cottage construction or demolition of unnecessary buildings becomes crucial at higher levels when more advanced strategies are required for successful gameplay. Additionally, earning medals by successfully repelling enemy attacks is also a key aspect of the game.

Optimizing Your Strategy

General Utilization

In Evony, assigning generals to lead your armies is crucial for increased combat effectiveness and attack level. Level up your characters and equip them with gear to enhance their attack abilities. Each general has unique attack skills that you should strategically utilize during battles to level up. For example, if you have a general with healing abilities, make sure to position them where they can heal the most troops during an attack at any level.

Completing quests and objectives is essential for monarch progression in Evony. These tasks help you level up your character and prepare for future attacks. As you level up your monarch, you unlock new skills and bonuses that are vital for advancing in the game. Investing in talents that align with your playstyle will give you an edge over other players, regardless of your level.

VIP Levels

Increasing your VIP level in Evony unlocks exclusive benefits and privileges that significantly impact your gameplay experience. You can earn VIP points by participating in different in-game activities and making purchases, regardless of your level. These VIP bonuses can boost your level progression speed by providing advantages such as resource production boosts or construction time reductions.

Equipment Crafting

Gathering materials and recipes to craft powerful equipment is a key aspect of Evony’s gameplay mechanics, helping players level up in the game. Enhancing and refining your equipment at each level provides additional bonuses that are essential for success in battles and other game modes. Equipping heroes and generals with the best gear available ensures they perform at their peak potential on the battlefield, regardless of their level.

Evony: The King’s Return is a highly anticipated successor to the original Evony, a popular strategy game that was played directly on your browser. With the release of The King’s Return, players can expect an enhanced gaming experience with improved graphics, new features, and exciting gameplay.

One of the key aspects of Evony: The King’s Return is the equipment crafting system. This feature allows players to create and customize their unique equipment for their heroes and armies. By collecting resources and materials, players can craft powerful weapons, armor, and accessories that provide various bonuses and advantages in battles.

The equipment crafting system in Evony: The King’s Return offers a wide range of options and possibilities. Players can choose from different types of equipment, such as swords, bows, shields, helmets, and more. Each type of equipment has its attributes and effects, allowing players to tailor their gear to suit their preferred playstyle and strategy.

To craft equipment, players need to gather specific resources and materials. These can be obtained through various in-game activities, such as completing quests, participating in events, or trading with other players. By strategically managing their resources and prioritizing certain materials, players can optimize their equipment crafting process and create powerful gear for their heroes.

Once the equipment is crafted, players can further enhance and upgrade it to unlock additional bonuses and abilities. This progression system adds depth to the gameplay, as players can continuously improve their gear to stay competitive in battles.

In addition to crafting equipment for their heroes, players can also create specialized gear for their armies. This allows for even more strategic options, as players can equip their troops with gear that complements their unique abilities and formations.

Overall, the equipment crafting system in Evony: The King’s Return adds a new layer of depth and customization to the game. With a wide range of options and possibilities, players can create powerful gear that suits their playstyle and strategy, enhancing their chances of success in battles

Managing Resources and Troops

Resource Management

In Evony, resource allocation is crucial at every level. It’s important to prioritize your resource allocation based on your current needs. Whether you need more food, wood, iron, or stone, focusing on the most critical resource at any given time can help you progress efficiently. Trading resources with alliance members or other players can bring mutual benefits by ensuring everyone has access to the resources they require for growth. To protect your resources from potential raids, strengthening your defenses is essential.

For example:

  • If you’re planning a large troop training session, prioritizing food production and storage can prevent shortages during the process.

  • Trading excess wood for iron with an alliance member who has surplus iron but needs wood can be beneficial for both parties.

Troop Training

Continuous troop training is vital in maintaining a strong army in Evony. Balancing the production of different troop types according to your strategy ensures that you have a versatile army capable of handling various situations. Utilizing training speed-ups whenever possible helps expedite troop production when time is of the essence.

For instance:

  • If you’re primarily focusing on defensive strategies, producing more archers and pikemen than cavalry might align better with your goals.

  • Using speed-ups when preparing for an upcoming battle against a formidable opponent can significantly strengthen your forces.

Deployment Strategies

Strategic troop deployments are key during battles or sieges in Evony. Planning where and when to deploy specific troops based on their strengths and weaknesses contributes significantly to victory outcomes. Coordinating with alliance members for synchronized attacks or defense enhances overall effectiveness.

Consider this:

  • Deploying infantry units at the forefront while positioning ranged troops behind them protects while maximizing damage output.

  • Collaborating with alliance members to launch simultaneous attacks from multiple directions can overwhelm opponents.

Conservation Techniques

To ensure long-term sustainability in Evony, minimizing unnecessary resource spending is crucial. Utilizing resource-saving items or technologies whenever possible helps preserve valuable resources over time. Optimizing resource production and consumption ratios further contributes to sustainable growth.

Enhancing Combat Effectiveness

Expanding Army

To increase army size, beginners can upgrade military buildings such as barracks. Researching technologies that enhance troop capacity and recruitment speed is also crucial. By training more troops, players can strengthen their overall military power. For example, upgrading the barracks will allow players to recruit more soldiers at a faster rate.

Conquering Monsters Engaging in monster hunting offers valuable rewards and experience points for beginners. Forming teams with alliance members can make monster hunting more efficient. Utilizing hero skills and equipment bonuses maximizes damage against monsters.

Generals Maximization Beginners should regularly level up their heroes and generals to increase effectiveness in combat situations. It’s essential to allocate skill points wisely to enhance their combat abilities effectively. Equipping them with the best gear and artifacts available will further improve their performance on the battlefield.

Community and Alliances

Community Engagement

Joining an alliance in Evony is crucial for beginners. By doing so, they can benefit from collective support and resources. Participating in alliance activities like rallies and donations helps players grow collectively. Communicating with other members fosters mutual growth.

For instance, joining an alliance allows players to access additional resources that may be scarce individually. They can also seek advice from experienced players within the community, which is invaluable for beginners.

Alliance Strategies

Coordinating with fellow alliance members is essential for strategic attacks or defense in Evony. Establishing resource-sharing agreements ensures all members have the necessary supplies to thrive. Planning joint operations maximizes efficiency and success on the battlefield.

An example of this could be strategizing a coordinated attack on a powerful opponent by pooling resources and troops together as an alliance.

Event Participation

Participating in various in-game events provides exclusive rewards for Evony players. Utilizing event-specific strategies helps maximize gains during these special occasions. Keeping track of event timers and requirements ensures optimal participation and reaping the benefits offered by these events.

For instance, participating actively in events not only yields valuable rewards but also allows players to engage with others outside their alliances, fostering diplomacy among different groups of players.

Advanced Gameplay Elements

Research Strategies

Researching in Evony is crucial for your progression. Prioritize technologies that align with your playstyle and goals. Whether you focus on military might or resource production, choose research paths accordingly. For instance, if you prefer a defensive strategy, prioritize fortifications and defensive troops.

Unlock essential technologies before branching out to more specialized ones. For example, focus on upgrading resource production capabilities to sustain your growth before delving into advanced military units.

Utilize research speed-ups wisely to expedite progress in critical areas. This can help you gain an edge over other players by quickly unlocking vital upgrades or new units.

  • Prioritize research based on playstyle and goals

  • Focus on essential technologies first

  • Utilize research speed-ups for faster progress

Keep Leveling

Upgrading your keep is fundamental for unlocking new buildings, technologies, and benefits in Evony. However, it’s important to balance upgrades with other aspects of town development such as resource buildings and defenses.

Maximize the potential of your keep through careful planning; ensure that each upgrade contributes meaningfully to your overall strategy rather than haphazardly leveling up without purpose.

For instance:

  1. Upgrade resource buildings alongside the keep.

  2. Balance offensive and defensive structures around the keep’s level.

  3. Plan for future developments when upgrading the keep.

Monarch Gear Optimization

Acquiring and upgrading gear specifically designed for your monarch enhances their effectiveness in various game aspects such as combat or resource gathering.

Enhance gear attributes through gem embedding and refinement; this allows customization according to specific needs like increased attack power or defense bonuses tailored to individual preferences.

Aim for a well-rounded set of gear that complements your playstyle – whether it’s focusing on strengthening combat abilities or boosting resource collection efficiency.

Account and Security Management

Linking Accounts

Link your Evony account to ensure data security and accessibility across devices. Take advantage of cross-platform functionality by linking multiple accounts. Follow the necessary steps to link your account successfully.

It’s essential to link your Evony account to safeguard your progress and maintain access from different devices. For example, if you play on both a mobile device and a computer, linking accounts allows you to seamlessly switch between them without losing any game data. To do this, simply follow the in-game prompts or visit the official Evony website for detailed instructions.

Security Measures

Protect your account by setting up a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication. Be cautious when sharing personal information or engaging in suspicious activities. Regularly update your game client and antivirus software for enhanced security.

Using a strong password is crucial. Combine uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters for maximum protection against unauthorized access. Enable two-factor authentication if the game offers this feature; it adds an extra layer of security by requiring a verification code along with your password during login attempts.


In conclusion, mastering Evony: The King’s Return requires a deep understanding of game basics, resource management, combat strategies, and community engagement. By optimizing these aspects, players can enhance their gameplay experience and achieve success within the game. Aspiring players should focus on building a strong foundation in the early stages, forming alliances, and continuously honing their strategic skills to thrive in the ever-evolving world of Evony.

For those seeking to dominate in Evony: The King’s Return, continuous learning and adaptation are essential. Embracing new tactics, collaborating with allies, and staying informed about game updates will contribute to long-term success. As players embark on their Evony journey, they should remain open to refining their strategies and maintaining a proactive approach to gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Evony: The King’s Return?

Evony: The King’s Return is a real-time strategy mobile game where players build and expand their cities, train armies, and engage in battles with other players. It offers a blend of city-building and war strategy elements.

How can beginners understand the game basics quickly?

Beginners can grasp the game basics by familiarizing themselves with resource management, city development, troop training, and basic combat strategies. They should also explore in-game tutorials and seek guidance from experienced players or online guides.

What are some key strategies for optimizing gameplay?

Optimizing gameplay involves focusing on efficient resource management, strategic troop deployment, effective alliance building, and continuous city development. Players should also prioritize research to unlock advanced technologies that boost their overall progress.

How can players effectively manage resources and troops?

Effective resource management entails balancing the production rates of various resources while minimizing wastage. For troop management, it’s crucial to maintain a well-rounded army composition suitable for both defense and offense based on current objectives.

Why is enhancing combat effectiveness important in Evony?

Enhancing combat effectiveness ensures that players’ armies are adequately prepared for various battle scenarios. This includes upgrading military technology through research, utilizing proper formations during battles, as well as understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different unit types.

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